Welcome to the tadi web. A small and simple part of the normal web.

Slippy mindset

The tadi web is built with a slippy mindset. We try to be as ‘slippy’ as possible.

Being slippy means you’re not stuck.

When you’re slippy, it’s easy to change plan, or rebuild something from scratch. It means you’re not locked in to using a certain tool.

If something breaks, you can choose to fix it, or let it die. It’s ok, because it won’t take long to rebuild it from scratch.

Frogs don’t live forever! They live, they make some taddies, and then they die. The taddies grow to take their place.

Every time you grow back, you’ll be a bit different. You might be stronger. Or you might be better equipped for your changing needs.

Tadi website

There are many ways to make a tadi website. Here are some ideas for how you can do it.

Click on an idea to see it in action!

More coming soon!